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Trading results 12/2/10

Very busy day today. Traded from before the open right up to the close today.

My overnight with DECK worked out well. One trader in the chat room held on a lot longer than I did with it and made a killing but I exited around my target area and while I did not make as much I am very happy with the trade. I had a total of 10 trades today which is the most in a while and I have a couple of overnights too.
DV was a B9 signal that I nailed near the top and was able to really grab some gains with it. while the size was small I made better than target with it. FNSR was another B9 signal and only traded 100 shares with it.LEN was a another along with MTL. The most interesting trade which started out boring was with SWC. This traded in a range for about three hours and then within about five seconds fell out of bed taking all my bids with it and closing me out for a nice gain. It was a good reminder why I don’t leave my bids at target but rather spread them out below in case the price crashes. This happens about once every six weeks or so and really does a nice job of adding to the PnL but does require a bit more management of the trade.
I shorted EAT into the close for an overnight and STI was never closed out due to not reaching target so that was is coming along for the ride as well. I don’t feel all that special about STI and looking at the chart I will be happy to break even with it tomorrow but will plan on taking a hit. All in all a very good day without much drama after DECK finally opened. In pre market it traded up over 80 and I had already committed most of my size to it but I did add above 80 and scalped some before it fell to give me an average of above 80. I would love to be able to wait until the next day to short these but most of the time they open up in pre market well below the close so I guess the best I can do is short some the night before and keep some powder dry for the once in a while it actually trades higher before the open. For those that were selling in pre market what a great time to sell out this stock.
DECK + 455
DECK dec 80C + 203
DV + 148
FNSR + 54
LEN + 110
MTL + 414
NAV + 47 (missed a second short with this one due to watching another stock and reading the news on it…)
STI + 7 (still short)
SWC + 460
SXCI + 46

+ 1949