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Trading results 12/9/10

My short with CML paid off nicely today. I had it closed out and covered before the opening bell

It came with a bit of a scare though. I saw that the tape started moving fast with trades at the same time the squawk box announced that dell was buying CML but I didn’t catch the price and I thought at first that it was going to move much higher. I looked at the booktrader and the price was moving down. Somewhat slow at first and then really moved down quickly. I had some bids already out there and most of them where hit before I could remove them. I then waited until the price appeared to slow down and covered the rest. Basically one of those dream trades we all wish we could have everyday. The rest of the day turned out ok too.
MIPS gave a double 10m overbought and I shorted it and it fell right away but not to target. It then spent the rest of the day moving higher. I scalped it back and forth but never really made much progress making gains. By the end of the day I was ready to hold overnight and I was near even with a small realized loss. In afterhours someone decided they wanted out right away and a bunch of bids I had near even. I also sold some more in after hours and it was pretty active in afterhours. Will hold and expect to cover tomorrow.
GMCR was an afterhours trade that really never went anywhere. I tried to catch the falling knife and didnt get very far.
LULU was an opening gap up fade.
ARG + 231 news play based on the buyout offer of 70
CML + 6006 (its been a while since I made over 5K on a trade. Nice early Christmas gift)
GMCR + 44
KFY – 34
LULU + 285
+ 6548