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Trading results 12/13/10

Slow and steady today. With the end of the year within grasp I took all my signals slow and conservative protecting gains.

I had a bumpy year to be sure with a start that I will be glad to forget about but an ending that really is making the holiday season a lot more fun. I had a B7 signal today and while I could have doubled the size traded I took it slow and was careful not to put myself in a situation that may come back to bite me. Also the LULU overnight from Friday started out against me but I was able to fade the stock and the options and walk away with some nice gains. Again I was a little slower at trading it although I did start in premarket with the stock. I closed out the JCG short with calls that was going nowhere and I had a COCO offer that was lifted. I added back the COCO and still need to start ramping up my COCO holding. I have been waiting until I have time to write up my COCO report and post it.
COCO + 2
JCG + 10
KFY – 36
LULU + 353
LULU Dec 70 c + 214
NIHD + 96

+ 642