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Trading results 12/17/10

Not feeling well yesterday or today so this will be a little fast.

Turned unrealized loss into a realized loss by scalping V back and forth bringing my cost average into the closing price of the stock. I lowered my size to the amount I want to hold longer term as I believe this is a good company that is currently undervalued.
I had one B7 signal trade with ITMN but only was able to get short 100 shares so not much there. V acted pretty good for much of the day but I tried to get more greedy than it was going to offer today so I will see how it goes Monday. Still working with JFY and faded the move higher.

Not the best way to end the week but at least it was still a good week overall.

ITMN + 58
KFY – 47
SLE + 30
V – 2722 (still long)
V Dec calls + 832

- 2680