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Trading results 12/20/10

Not much going on for a Monday for me.

I had one nice trade with BEC with a dual 10m bar overbought signal. I was conservative with my entry price and that was good because it kept ripping higher for a while which gave me a great entry and confidence to hold out for a lot more than the normal target. Great trade that was only 7 minutes from the first sale to the last cover.
V traded around my breakeven quite a bit in the morning and I traded 100-200 shares at a time around my BE. I also ended up covering some of my long but continue to hold some long hedged with Jan 70 calls. I thought I could do the same with COCO but COCO never went below my BE today for me to buy some more. I am leaving the order standing though as I am building my COCO long. No trades with KFY but still short
BEC + 741
COCO + 6
V + 240
V Jan 70 C + 126

+ 1114