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Trading results 12/22/10

Good day all around but nothing was real big. Added together it did amount to something.

ARMH was a gap up after a B7 that i was in from open to close and didn’t get near what I thought I was going to get. BBBY was afterhours fade. BXS Was a small dual 10m bar overbought. Dole was a B9 that I shorted right at the very top so it was not much of a fade. I had an opening B9 signal with JEC that was one of my better trades. Overall it was the best although I made more today with MCP. MCP was my carryover from yesterday that I ended up with a net gain but not as much as I wanted.
ARMH + 188
BBBY + 60
BXS + 22
DOLE + 87
JEC + 419
MCP + 574

+ 1353