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Trading results 1/6/10

Busy day today. I unwound my MCP short and that worked out very well. I closed out to early as MCP moved down further and closed near the lows of the day.

Based on volume I would guess there are many MCP stockholders that are wondering what just happened to them. With MCP down about 13% and about $8 per share it appears that not having a press release from the company for two days in a row took its toll.
NVDA gave me a William B9 signal and I traded it back and forth. I was looking to get more but in the end I am glad I covered when it appeared it would move higher. Sure enough it did and I did about as well as I could.
VRX moved up so far so fast and volume jumped so fast that even my two min confirmation bar down from a 10 min confirmation was too long. This resulted in me getting short to soon and having some heat put on me. I took some stop losses but it did come back enough for me to excape with a small gain. I will be looking at it tomorrow to see how the price behaves. CAVM was a mistake (forgot to clear pending and/or didn’t notice the trade yesterday). closed it out for a loss.
COCO blasted off higher today. I held all my shares and looking forward to it going higher. I am also still short ICOP which is holding the price it is at quite well for a dead company walking.
CAVM – 55
MCP – 34
MCP Jan 55P – 295
MCP Jan 55C + 1462
NVDA + 606
VRX + 103

+ 1786