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Trading results 1/18/11

A great day and a new 13 month account high water mark for me

I went to the cub scout meeting for my sons tonight so I did not have a chance to write my results earlier and as late as it is and with still more work to do this will be fast.
After accounting for withdraws of my trading account I reached a new high that tops all of 2010. Next goal will to top my high water mark in 2009. I have a ways to go to reach that but I am confident at my current pace I will be able to reach that this year.
I currently have a bull option spread on AAPL. I figured two things with AAPL. One that if the afternoon was higher AAPL would be able to reach new highs and two with the timing of Jobs leaving for a while that the numbers would blow the top off the lid. I was correct on both accounts but the price of AAPL retraced quite a bit from the highs that happen to be my target (I bought the 355/360 spread). Here is my article that was published after the market closed which was quicker than most of the time time it takes Seeking alpha to review, edit and publish but longer than I was hoping for.
I don’t have the actual numbers but I did close out my weekend carryover with NANO today as it retraced fully into the start of the short signal. I also traded and did very well with a short with NAK. NAK gave me a little heat to start out with but came back so nicely that it really was an oversized gain.
I look forward to options opening up tomorrow and seeing if I actually made a gain with AAPL even though being right may not be enough.
I am also waiting in the weeds to short BKS. It has a massive short interest but I think a lot will have to happen for it to be able to maintain its dividend as well as post a profit.