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Trading results 1/27/11

Today started out really well and continued to get better.

My overnight with NATI paid off well. Some in the chat room made more per share (some I was told about $1 per share). I didn’t do that well but was happy none the less. I closed that trade out and was busy all day long trying to field all the signals and close to signals I received. It was one busy day. CRUS was non-stop smiling at me from across the room along with NWL, WERN, BKI (several times) and HS more than once. I traded MSFT after the earnings was leaked early and shorted it but I hit near the top at 29.40 and had a lot of offers above but only was able to get 100 shares off before it fell. I did marginally better with AMZN with a trade size of 200 shares but the dollar results are far different. I traded AMZN long. HP was my big intraday winner today. William B9 signal came early in the day and almost a little to early as I become cautious that I may get rolled over when it signals right after the bell. HS was another William signal that worked well but small size.I did nothing with my current pos penny stock short. I plan on just sitting on it for a while and try to get 40%+.
I sold some $6 Feb calls against some of my COCO holdings. I did not fully cover the stock but wanted to capture some of the move higher and will look to cover if the stock moves lower. At an average price of under $4.50 I think its wise to have some of the stock covered to be able to get more time premium.
I shorted WERN and BKI into the close for an overnight trade. WERN and especially BKI have become totally crazy in terms of short term pricing in my opinion. I will look to cover in the first half of tomorrow.
AMZN + 223
BKI + 212
HP + 733
HS + 102
MSFT + 35
NATI + 1824
+ 3131