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Trading results 1/31/11

Best month of the year so far.

I guess that might not say much. I can say that I am off to a very good start for the year on several levels. My writing and analysis on stocks is banging the drum hard, my trading is full steam and the chat room has new faces coming in all the time. Life is good and if NPSP along with COCO have the kind of days tomorrow that I would like I will be off to a great start in February too.
I am still long MWW with options but closed out my weekend sleep over with the stock. I believe MWW stays the same to moves higher so I will stay long until it tells me different. COCO almost had me buying more today. In front of the news tomorrow I felt I would not get any more over-weighted than I already am. All COCO has to do tomorrow to make me happy is not totally miss. I would love to see the numbers blow off the roof but a simple meet and greet will be fine for me.
MTG somewhat regained its footing to come above support but I am growing impatient with this one.
NPSP is the big trade today for me. After a drug passed the phase 3 of the trials the stock moved up over 30%. I guess the market forgot to look to see that the company is losing money and that the drug is unlikely to get more than 10K customers in the US. World wide sale rights have already been sold limiting earnings. The funniest part is that while very likely to pass the FDA it is no sure thing either. The first phase 3 trial resulted in a failure of the drug at higher doses and a much lower response rate. I am not sure why people pull the trigger first and ask questions later but it seems that the chart shows time after time that your going to find some serious negatives when stocks have certain price patterns. After I started to read I started to short more. I did trade it back and forth and created a realized loss in return for a better average. I expect to be able to ring the register with this one tomorrow or Wednesday when it runs out of fuel. I am leaving some GTC offers on it for pre-market as well.

DEPO gap fade + 345
MWW + 583
NPSP – 283