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Trading results 2/9/11

Another good day of trading.

NYX was halted twice but when it started back it gave a great William short signal. I was able to make more than target with this one. I thought it would break a key number and I was going to lay some size on it but it didn’t quite get over the hump.

I closed out one of my overnights. BWLD acted very crazy but I was able to buy on dips and sell on moves higher and ended with a half way decent gain with it. DIS was an overnight earnings play that just didn’t pan out.
I should have held the short with DIS longer but I had other trades I was working on. MTW a short I have had now for a few days started to show some cracks in the woodwork. I covered some of the options but still remain short the Feb 19 calls which lose time value everyday. MTG closed at the 200MA and I am still short the puts. The price appears to have found its footing and the puts are in the green.

MWW which I called a buy on Seeking alpha still looks like it wants to prove me right. The put options I sold are now about $100 in the green. RL went overbought and while I left a lot on the table it worked out pretty well. I put no size on it and made above target. SFLY was another overnight that worked out ok. I would have liked to see a little more but it was not all bad. I traded the possible take over / buyout news on SRX both long and short and did well with it.
TIVO was more mistake than it was trading or bad luck. I may very well lose on it tomorrow and indeed I started to take some stop losses with it today. I intend to get flat it tomorrow. USG was an error in entry as the signal price moved on me but I ended up breaking about even.

WFMI was an earnings play short. I was up for a while and then added some size to try to make some outsized gains. If it falls tomorrow in premarket or in regular hours I should make out nice. It had good earnings, Crammer pumped it and they say they may have trouble keeping up the growth. It really doesn’t get to be a much better setup than that. Oh wait maybe it does. I went to Yahoo finance and the boards said it could open above 61 and may make it to 70 tomorrow. Hard to find a stronger short signal than that. Holding short looking for a pullback into the 57- 57.25 area.

BKS strong today. About to add to the shorts I am naked. Will probably do so Friday.

BWLD + 261
DIS + 5
MTW Feb 19C + 39 and still short the calls
NYX + 777
RL + 136
SFLY + 166
SRX + 136
TIVO – 36
USG + 3
WFMI + 80