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Trading results 3/1/11

Well today was the best day of the month but I hope it turns into the worst as it will be Mac and Cheese being served in the Weinstein home at the rate I was going today.

The one and only short signal I had was with CDE and I didn’t put any size on it and I didn’t let it go to target. Both of these choices let to a lower result than it shoulda woulda coulda. With Silver and Gold making way for new higher ground I just didn’t want to get in front of some crazy stock. I also traded a few shares of JCG but only was able to grab a few pennies laying on the ground and that took all day to pick up. In fact I still had 600 shares short of JCG at the closing bell. I did have my bid hit in afterhours but it was a pretty slow day.
One good thing today was that I been busy porting over my intraday William signal into a interday signal that appears to offer a lot of promise. I have started backtesting and tweeking the setup and hope to have it in place later this week or early next week. This should really change my trading in several ways. The most exciting thing is that it takes the scalability to new levels. While I believe I could manage a lot of money before running into scaling issues the ability to trade in a larger time frame all but removes the issue for all but the very largest amounts of working capital. The next most exciting thing is that it should mean much greater returns in both amounts per trade setup and overall as it will simply mean more trading. This is something I have worked on for months and it is finally getting close.
CDE + 7
JCG + 26
Today +34