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Trading Results 3/12/11

It’s been a few days since I’ve had a chance to post my results.

I have been busy upgrading my execution trading system computer. At the same time I have written several articles and I wife has not been feeling well so I have been in charge. It was a light week of trading overall. I have also been spending time on trying to figure out how to make this website better.
Of the trades I had today none were real big winners except for a William long trade with MED. Otherwise the rest of the trades were shorts. While I am short VRUS overall I am long the stock. I am short 11 options contracts and long 300 shares. Since the options are very illiquid I have been using the stock to trade around my position. While I post a small realized loss with today my short with VRUS it has worked well today and yesterday.
VRUS - 86
RCRC + 66
NDN + 131
MED + 488
ANIK + 44
  + 645