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Trading Results 3-16-11

With Japan in the news rocking the financial markets I wasn’t expecting much today.

I was happily surprised to find myself in the end day with several nice trades and a small pile of Yen sitting on my desk before the end of the day. I mean that figuratively as they don’t have Japanese yen actually sitting on my desk but I do have it sitting in my trading account. More accustomed to trading currency futures than Forex I ended up receiving my trading gains in Japanese yen instead of US dollars. To add insult to injury I have a long bias for the US dollar. So I expect the value of my gains to actually shrink.
I was able to trade CRK a couple of times with a William signal and that worked out to be my best trade of the day. PPO gave me a William B7 signal. GPOR was a Laurel signal. PANL was a Brenton signal. SUP was a Laurel / Brenton / I wanted to fade it signal.
I traded Forex for the first time in months today. I traded the USD/JPY pair and traded both long and short the dollar. I did better long the dollar but ended up with a fair amount of Yen in my account when I was done. I can’t say I really liked it though. It didn’t “feel” right and the quotes that I could see on IB and TS were different at times. Almost felt like playing a slot machine and that only makes me feel like I am sniffing gas or something else equally good for me.
SUP + 78
PPO + 51
PANL + 374
GPOR + 328
CRK + 580
USD.JPY + Y35,400
Today + ~$1860

Holding COCO long and VRUS short