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Trading Results 3/23/11

Tough trading day today.

Not only did I not get any real trades today but the big holds from yesterday worked against me as well. MCP did give me a brief moment to get out whole but I had already stopped out and moved on. VRUS continued to move higher today. I record a gain with the stock but some of the options have moved against me. I substituted put options for the stock as a hedge against the calls I wrote. I have been meaning to do this for several days and I paid dearly for the delay. I did get it done today and I will now get time decay on both the calls and puts. The nine day moving average is 62.81 and I expect that the moving average and the price will converge and VRUS will again trade in a range or slowly grind its way back towards the 55 level as interest moves to VRTX. Not that VRTX is that much better (even though it might be) but from news that is expected to come from them first. MU was an after hours trade based on the round number magnet effect. PANL was a call out from the chat room that I decided I didn’t like anymore simply because I had a small number of shares and I was watching it when I could have been getting other work done. So I closed it out and started working on a book review and an article about SIRI. WTW was my best trade of the day and was a Laurel signal trade.

I did manage to get a little bit today to mitigate what is otherwise be an unpleasant day.
JBL + 25
MCP - 3394
MU + 60
PANL + 18
VRUS + 631
WTW + 314
- 2343