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Trades I Will Be Looking To Make July 5th 2011

Friday was the first day I published ahead of time stocks that I would trade if certain criteria were met.  It's late night after boating and watching fireworks with good friends so this is going to be a little quick.  Friday I was three out of three which I do not expect to keep up as the win rate is only about 85% which means of course some will be losers. Also some will not qualify but here is the list non the less.  These are trades that I will likely do but am not suggesting anyone else trade based on the limited information I am providing.

APA if opens below 123 I will look to buy it at 117 or better with a stop at 114.85

RYAAY if opens between 29.25-29.70 short it at 29.70 or better


OSG can have July 25 puts shorted for premium collection depending on the IV of the options

ADTN if opens at 39 or higher will be looking to sell July or later 40 calls and or buying 40 puts for a net short

WAG, LRY, VNO LLTC are all short possibilities.  I will either post the actual entries in the blog or in the chat tomorrow as it is getting late

OI SMG SKT STT BA are all short possibilities but not likely to setup on tomorrow.