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Trading results 4/12/10

Mixed day today

I covered some of MEE even in premarket trading but added some on dips and covered 100 shares with an April 47 call option. Still holding MEE and plan to hold and trade around the core and will be looking to write more options through the week as Friday is expiration day. Otherwise a slow day for the most part and as I didn’t get much sleep last night I am ready to go home shortly.

ABK long the new highs being made in the afternoon. Ended up scalping most of the gains which I was not overly happy about but better than taking a loss. I thought I would have been able to get more. I see in aftermarket trading its hitting new highs. + 142
AIG Trendline break in late afternoon short. Ran out of time and covered. + 10
ATLS missed a B8 short due to being very conservative on entry so close to the opening bell. I did end up shorting small to capture what appeared to be a possible nose dive. It didn’t happen so I covered. + 52
MEE covered some and bought more. still net long and now underwater again. +64
MIR gapup long but stopped out + 31
PALM tried to go long a couple of times but never could make any progress. Still long a small amount near even looking to exit in aftermarket – 16

+ 285