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Trading results 4/19/10

Trading results 4/19/10

Good day that looks bad

I traded MEE today several times with an average buy better than sell so the trades turned out to be well done. I also brought my cost basis below the closing price so I am in the green with MEE now. I also wrote options against my MEE long and they are in the money as well. I ended up trading back and forth more than the amount of shares I was holding and I have a realized loss but I also have a large unrealized gain to mostly offset it and I am really liking this trade. I faded the dip well and the closing of MEE was great. So it doesn’t look pretty today but the actual NAV improved nicely. – 1565

AIG long and stopped out + 16
BTH closed this one out. Not a good trade overall even though today was good. I bought and sold today and that included small size but as I looked into this stock the more I liked it for a hold. They have about 25 in cash / share and are making money. Not a big surprise it went as far as it did + 188

C I love vitamin C. I sold off my shares at 4.90 last week and after GS took the dump it did on Friday I decided to watch the earnings and if it was good I would buy. I did buy and traded around the core and now have more C and took a gain. Hopefully next stop will be above $5 as I felt and I guess so did others that the numbers reported well. I have a baseless feeling that perhaps morgan was selling off the Feds shares and that kept it from doing more. I know today would have been a day I would have if I was them. Of course that makes me think all the more better for C. + 80

Traded GS again today but I bought Calls just in case another shoe fell off. With a close eye on the IV I was quick to pull bids and put them on even though I probably paid a lot in fees. I should have done better but I didn’t let any of the trades stay on long and I started out with my first GS trade today taking a $160 stop loss so I feel pretty good about trading it for much of the day and climbing out of the hole. + 25

- 1254