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Trading results 4/22/10

From the penthouse to the outhouse

Started out as a great day. Best day of the month and really took some gains with DCTH and then SNDK. Tried to fade HOT and it would not stop. I have no problems with taking the trade as the rules of entry where correct. I may have been aggressive but I am ok with that too for the most part. I do wish I would have tried to trade around it sooner. I did not try to trade around the price action as it appeared to me to be overdone and I still feel that way. It did reach a point though that I was getting close to stopping out so I thought I would start to trade it and that help a lot. I had three B8 signals today and I can not be happier about that. I closed out of GS and MEE early due to the HOT trade but will be looking to enter again tomorrow if it presents itself right.
DCTH + 1335
SNDK + 208
WBS The timing was a little poor on this B8. I covered some of HOT near the worst time to make sure I had enough bullets for this one. The trade worked out well though + 302

+ 533