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Trading results 5/3/10

Well its been a busy time since the last post.

I have an offer on a house that was accepted so we are looking at moving about 15 miles away that should give us more room. Still some details to work out so I can't say that it's a done deal yet.

Took finals for classes and did well so I am happy with that although I have about a weeks worth of work left.

I also am getting my 15 minutes of fame as I have a small article in ActiveTrader magazine written about me under the monthly feature "The Face of Trading" so that is fun

I also finished up another profitable month in April and today is starting the month out well.

BP is giving me a little bit of pain but I did manage to trade it a little bit for some gains. With any luck we will have some more good news out see it spike up
VRX + 58
THOR covered right before the open missing out on the huge drop. I can't say I am happy about this one but it goes the other way a lot as well so I guess it all evens out + 440
PWER + 15
MEE will be looking to write some more puts and take another stab at this one soon. for today I was stopped out + 3
HAR MAY 37.5 P + 114
GS JUN 130 P + 78
GIS afterhours trade I went long just 100 shares looking to hold longer but it moved up and just sat there for a couple of hours so I walked away. I will look to enter again tomorrow via shorting puts if there is any action but the options look pretty low volume. + 35
CLH + 13

BP M45P I am short the J50P and the M52.50P and they are underwater but simple time decay can turn them into winners without any price help. +83

+ 851