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Trading results 5/17/10

Was able to get most of what I wanted today

TIVO bounced back giving me a refund of the trading from Friday after it lost 40%. I traded it with options to cover as it moved towards and into 11 so that I would have some downside protection if it failed at 11. That turned into a good move. After falling back I received a cover signal and worked my way out. No big surprises with HAUP except maybe it didn’t fall as fast as it could have. I traded it again in premarket and thought I was really going to have a great day with it until once again IB ran out of shares and I just walked. Not wanting to go through another Friday where I lost money only because of IB’s lack of shares. BP is still on the headlines and until that changes or the headline reads that the leak is stopped I would expect this one to be under a constant weight. I did increase my risk with BP today again though. Premium is pretty high and absent another oil rig blowing up or another big black eye I feel we are getting near the bottom based on this one problem. I am going out a ways though and selling into the July options. I did manage to hit the bottom of the move today with some shorting of the Jul 40 puts so they are ok and overall my BP position is not that bad in light of the adverse moves. Time decay is being a great help.
Traded GS a couple of times via options and looking to add to my position with GS after some of the BP options expire of Friday. Early next week if not by the end of this week. Nothing else important today.
GLG + 2
GS M125P + 36
GS M 135P + 38
HAUP + 264
IFLG + 46
TIVO +639
TIVO M 10C + 62
TIVO M 11C +108

+ 1199