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Isn't Position Trading The Forex Market Risky?

As a matter of fact it is a lot less risky than scalping or day trading the
Forex. What you have to do is realize that with a larger stop loss, you
have to lower the number of lots that you put on any one trade.
I teach people to never risk over 5% of their capitol or less. Most
people who scalp or day trade or whatever, will risk 10% to 20% per
trade, and never really understand why so many of their accounts
go broke. Our average pip per trade this year to date is about
720 pips per trade across 9 trades and we only ever risked 5%
per trade. Some trades have gone wrong, to date the count
is 2 negative trades with 3 trades still running per
"Position Trading Plan Rules". We also have quite a few setting up
this week and next week per the rules. As for the over all risk of
position trading, you can even adapt the 5% or less risk rule to any
type of trading. You may think that it makes big profits hard to find,
but because your losses are so much smaller the profits add up
much quicker. Don't just gamble when you trade, if you want to
do that goto a casino and put it on black, it is about the same.
If you want to learn to trade the Forex in a profitable manner, I
would suggest that you start here, just click this link for an
introduction. Postion Trading Intoduction.

Here is a link to the trades that are setting up now per plan rules.
Trades Are Almost Here.

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