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Recent Audio Podcast Content

We've recently released a bevy of audio content aimed at helping you to navigate the economic and financial waters. Recent shows included:

"Identifying False Signals"  I discussed the false signals being generated in two key areas of the economy: housing, and GDP. Don't be fooled into making important decisions based on what you're getting from these reports; there is much more than meets the eye. Listen Here

"IEA Whitewash" - The IEA's Chief Economist announced that the agency had grossly underestimated the rate of supply decline. His comments survived long enough to make it into one mainstream story. Then the spin machine kicked in and tried to drop those comments down the memory hole. We'll make the kick save and present this whitewash to you with our guest Zapata George. Listen Here

"Discussion with Chris Wilson of" Chris and I talk about the state of the consumer, the intracacies of the major economic reports and also spend some time on the timely topic of Keynesian vs. Austrian. Listen Here

If anyone has difficulties accessing the content or has questions, I may be reached at my firm's website:

Andy Sutton