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Step By Step...joining The Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain

|Includes: Great Lakes Graphite, Inc. (GLKIF)

Today Great Lakes Graphite (OTCQB:GLKIF) issued a news release to announce a partnership that the company has formed with Ashland Advanced Materials, LLC:

This announcement is the latest in a series of developments which taken together, show how the company is joining the lithium-ion battery market supply chain, step by step.

Over the past couple of years, Great Lakes Graphite has become familiar with the requirements of the market, getting to know the customers and their applications and performance needs.

The company has assembled several key components that are required to manufacture battery anode material. One of the most critical components is a source of high quality supply. Great Lakes Graphite has a long-term supply agreement with one of the top graphite producers in the world that produce graphite in Brazil.

Today the company announced a partnership on purification, a critical step in the process of preparing graphite to serve as battery anode material. There are very few companies that have the facilities, infrastructure, knowledge and operating history that Ashland Advanced Materials brings to the table.

Working with a partner that has an operating industrial facility occupying 110,000 square feet in the heart of Battery Central - or upstate New York - Great Lakes is positioning itself to become a significant player in the battery supply chain.

Disclosure: I am/we are long GLKIF.

Additional disclosure: Paul Ferguson is Chief Marketing Officer and a Director of Great Lakes Graphite Inc.