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Closed S&P Shorts. Still Short Oil.

|Includes: DBO, DTO, OIL, SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY), USO

Yesterday I could not follow the market in the last half hour of the session and I was quite surprised when I checked the S&P Futures prices in the after hours session.

I was expecting a sell-off in to the close and the market actually rallied. I think we are at a cross current in the stock market. Although I am still very bearish on the stock market my ticker sense told me to close that short position (again at 887). I already had a good profit and the market is behaving in a way that is not what I had expected. I profited 23 points, making it the best trade of this month. Considering that I had a 3x leverage, it really paid off.

This schizofrenic kind of action, shorting, closing short, shorting again is a true representation of what trading is about. We are never totally sure of anything. Sometimes we must test the waters. But it also shows me that I am needing the weekend to recharge. This is a very competitive and demanding business. Its like being a professional athlete, proper rest is indispensable.

As I posted yesterday, one of best traders ever says that "If I were walking along a railroad track and saw an express coming at me at 60 miles an hour, I would be a damned fool not to get off the track and let the train go by. After it had passed, I could always get back on the track, if I desired". I totally agree. I can always get back in if I want, but I had enough S&P`s trading for this week. 

Now, I will focus on my short oil position that is being negatively affected by the extreme dollar weakness that I could not foresee.

By the way, the Friday before Memorial Day usually is a strong day in the stock market. Be aware. Don`t let them beat you. 

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