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EARTH FIRST! Investing In Our Planet

|Includes: GBTC, LAZ, MS, Nordic American Tankers Limited (NAT), ROYT

About 25 years ago I had money to save or invest. I also found out that I could trade on margin (credit/leverage).

In the previous century I had to call my bank to place orders. That changed quickly. Starting on the Dutch market I soon discovered the most liquid market in the universe. The good old U S of A

That is fun.

For five years I was an active investor in both the Dutch and US marketplace. In 2006 I had to reallocate the funds.

In 2014 I re-entered as Dutch Investor Overseas.

It is fun.

So you guys and girls (are there any around here?) know everything about the good old U S of A. Well I know nothing but having said that let me give you some insight in my trading behavior.

What do I like and what do I love?

I like income stock but I love capital gain but need to confess that the liking came before loving. Being lucky sometimes kept me in this game of stocktrading. My objective is to have additional income at a certain point in time.

Having started back in the 20th century as a sitting duck investor I soon realized that profit (and loss) taking is an inevitable part of margin investing. The margin has price but has saved the core of my portfolio.

In this series which will occur irregular on this interesting forum I will highlight some of my investments and my objectives to put money in it. By no means are they any recommendations or invitations to make similar investments.

Please take into consideration that I am a small investor and that my portfolio amount to approximately $120k. Currently I have 92 positions in portfolio. The 12 largest account for 35% of total.

My worst investments so far (in this century) have been the following (note: all amounts are approximates):

1-ROYT Pacific Coast Oil Trust. I lost more than $ 2,000 on that one. Main mouse-trap here was the small size of the production of this oil trust. Lesson learned

2-Delta Lloyd (DL-AS) Lost $ 800 on this Dutch insurer, mitigated by doubling up, dividends, selling of claims etc. Luckily this company was taken over by fellow Dutch insurer Nationale Nederlanden. Headache and stomachpain are over now.

My best investments so far (in this century) have been the following:

1-Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) Doubled up after huge drop after Brexit vote. Liquidated 50% of position early 2017. Still hold 35 shares at (recalculated) cost of $3.75. Unrealized gain $1.400

2-Nordic American Tankers (NYSE:NAT) Accumulated position at the end of 2014. Sold most in 2015 then bought some extra but sold when slide started. Realized gain $600. Have a free ride with 35 shares. It could sink but you never know.

Honorable mentions in this category are: BCS (free ride with 28 shares) as part of Brexit panic, LAZ (nice one), Philips Lightning (PHL-AS) and GBTC (Bitcoins).

To be continued. Next up: European moves in da spring

My appreciation goes to the developers of this site as well as all of the contributors to it. It enhances my knowledge about the financial markets in general and individual companies in particular.

Disclosure: I am/we are long NAT,GBTC,LAZ,MS.