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ARRAYIT Corp Has Everything But Excited Investors

|Includes: Arrayit Corporation (ARYC)

Arrayit : ARYC:OTCBB is a life science company with amazing innovation and technology. The company continues to make leaps in how genome testing is done. Recent reports from another company quoted $12,000 for an entire genome test. Why is or should there be a market for that test? Women are having their body mutilated by surgery because of family history with breast cancer and other cancers. The current test looks for markers and has predictive value as well as family history. Also not everyone can afford the testing however many insurance plans cover it. In 2013 Angelina Jolie disclosed that she has undergone a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Testing by BRACAnalysis (NASDAQ:MYGN) the company that owns them the test revealed an 87% risk of breast cancer. The shares of MYGN rose on the Jolie news as would be expected, after all it was reported in a financial newspaper. A report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc estimates genetic testing market will reach $1.8 billion in 2015, the US is largest market. There are several Blue Chips in the arena with a vast array of products. While there are big board plays there are some smaller firms in the wings that have potential to emerge with offerings.

ARRAYIT is such a firm and as with any small firm the risks are greater. The risks can be overcome with partnerships from larger firms or buyouts creating value for investors.

(OTCPK:ARYC) and its OvaDx proteomic approach for pre-symptomatic testing to detect ovarian cancer exploits the immune system to provide rapid response with a start to finish test time of 2.5 hours to identify early stage ovarian tumor cell development. All stages of ovarian cancer including stage IA-IV borderline serious, clear cell, and others were in the study with result of 100% accuracy in identifying patients with ovarian cancer at various stages. More research is underway which is required by the FDA to commercialize the product. There are no products on the market now for diagnostics of ovarian cancer. The door is open for (OTCPK:ARYC) to make the leap from science to sales.