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Windows Phone 8 SDK Leaked Onto The Web. Is This The Reason For The Sudden Jump In Nokia Stock?

|Includes: Nokia Corporation (NOK)

As Windows Phone 8 SDK got leaked few hours ago, people have started digging into the SDK for Windows Phone 8 details. As Windows Phone 8 SDK included an emulator, you can basically have a preview of the OS features with it. Following are the new changes in Windows Phone 8,

  • Data Smart app is now called Data Sense. Using Data Sense you can keep track of your data usage details on your Windows Phone 8 device.
  • The camera UI has been changed and there is an addition of camera lens apps button in the app bar which will allow 3rd party apps integration.
  • Zune branding is gone for the Music and Videos hub.
  • New Start Screen Experience
  • New Wallet Experience
  • Internet Explorer 10 engine.
  • Ability to allow apps upload content automatically in the background.
  • 3rd party apps can now access lockscreen notifications.
  • Allows Bluetooth P2P file sharing and more.

Functions like Bluetooth transfer and lockscreen notifications are things people where saying windows phone 7 was lacking. Seems like Microsoft will have finally caught up with IOS/Android in terms of software functions.

Also its confirmed that windows phone 8 storage will be expandable via external memory card, SD card can be used to store music, pictures and video and users will be able to move photos after the fact to the card.

Text messages, apps and setting will finally be able to be backed up, to the cloud no less. A must have function that windows phone 7 was lacking and users where complaining about.

All in all I think that Nokia will greatly benefit from the upgrade to windows phone 8.

Disclosure: I am long NOK.