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Response To 18214212 From Chowder's "Differing Outlooks On The Market"

|Includes: J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. (JBHT)

18214212, I'm just a truck driver. I've never been especially interested in the stock market until I became eligible to participate in the 401k where I work. There were 16 to 20 mutual funds, none of which contained/held anything I was interested in buying, and we didn't have the "self-directed" option. The company match was miniscule too, so I didn't opt in.

Additionally, I was shocked to see one of the funds was almost 5% Con-way Inc. (NYSE:CNW), a (truck load) competitor to the company I work for. No one in our corporate office even noticed until I wanted to know why we could invest in Con-way and not the company we worked for.

Truck drivers in general aren't as tenacious as I am. The benefits coordinator simply gave me the number of their Merrill Lynch guy - after she confirmed that we weren't connected to Con-way in any way. The Merrill Lynch guy didn't even know Con-way was a competitor!

My company (and most of the rest of the publicly traded trucking companies) would like it's investors to think they're on top of the latest, cutting-edge technology, which somehow gives them an advantage over their nearest competitor. But in my opinion, they're all about the same. No amount of technology will magically generate freight when/where it's the most cost efficient and/or profitable to haul it. Technology also can't turn drivers (of which there truly is a near-critical shortage) into programmable robots. (The last post in my personal blog talks about why I no longer own shares of the company I work for.)

The one exception to all the trucking companies is JB Hunt (NASDAQ:JBHT) in my opinion. JB invented truck/rail intermodal, and nobody's been able to catch up with or beat them. That's where the real money is now' days. Again, it's only my opinion, but the only truly sound investment in the trucking business is JBHT. The rest of them seem to sort-of run by the seat of their pants.

Keep in mind the trucking industry is unbelievably regulated, and it's getting worse. The FMCSA (part of DOT) is out of control. Trucking companies often go down the tubes (or become acquisitions for companies like mine) because they simply can't comply and be profitable at the same time.