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Trading Contest using NASDAQ, QID, and QLD

|Includes: ProShares UltraShort QQQ ETF (QID-OLD), QLD

Trend Tracker contest:

Our Trading Contest starts on Tuesday, and will last for 1 month.  The basis is Trend Tracker.  It is our automated, correlated market timing and stock selection tool that trades QID and QLD based on support and resistance levels you define for the NASDAQ.  We offer guide, and our interpretation of support and resistance to help you find the best ideas. Our Market analysis will be available to you during the entire contest.
Last week, the average was just under 4% net return.

You can load Trend Tracker and participate in the contest by visiting Stock Traders Daily, sign up for the trial, and download Trend Tracker.  You will automatically be registered for the contest once you do.  We provide live support if you need it.

Stock Traders Daily

This is a note I sent to clients on Friday. 

I was happy to see that so many of you did well using Trend Tracker last week.  Trend Tracker is a revolution in rule-based trading.  Anyone can use Trend Tracker.  The most common argument for individual investors is that they do not have time to manage their own risk.  Trend Tracker changes the playing field for everyone.  Trend Tracker allows people with jobs, who might not otherwise have the time to control their risk, to realize opportunities in the market without sacrificing risk controls and without sacrificing time or lifestyle.

The executives who are my clients and are using Trend Tracker now, are able to run their business without worrying about their investments.  Some of those executives are hedge fund managers.  While they manage their fund, Trend Tracker manages their personal day-to-day trading strategy.

On Tuesday, our Trend Tracker contest will begin.  After last week, everyone is excited to use Trend Tracker.  I do not blame you.  Trend Tracker is one of the best tools you will find anywhere.  Not only is it extremely easy to use, but it is equally as effective.

The excitement stemming from last week's results have caused some of you to get anxious.  I require you to use Trend Tracker for a number of weeks before I allow you to use Trend Tracker with real money.  That is the rule, and there is no getting around it.  Your experience in the stock market does not matter to me.  All that matters is your history using Trend Tracker.  Only after you have three weeks of experience under your belt are you eligible to request to use Trend Tracker with real money, and then you will only be qualified if your performance meets our standards.

The Trend Tracker contest was engineered so that you learn how to use the application before using real money.  Most of the people using Trend Tracker are realizing that there are a few different ways to use it.  Last week, the data from my daily analysis and the alerts viewer produced better results than any other strategy used by our investors.  The lock and walk strategy on our website also produced better results than most people did, as it secured 65 basis points every day.  Both are great options and examples, so if you need a guide look there.

Because there are no restrictions, active traders love Trend Tracker too.  Instead of using Trend Tracker as an executive might, and let it work for them without paying too much attention to it, active traders use Trend Tracker to make small amounts of money repeatedly.  Not only does Trend Tracker allow you to do this efficiently, but it also prevents you from making the stupid human mistakes that often result in failure for active traders over time.  You will learn how that works while you use it.

When participating in the Trend Tracker contest, remember that it is an educational exercise.  If you do not have time to trade the market, do not use Trend Tracker as an active trading tool.  Instead, input data, set your trade settings, and let Trend Tracker work while you do other things, just as you would in a real world environment.

Last week I made something very clear, and I will repeat it again here.  Trend Tracker is designed to help you make money slowly but surely.  Risk controls are integral, and we never swing for the fences.  Reasonably, some investors try to maximize their results every day, but this is a classic mistake.

Over-trading is one of the most serious problems individual investors have.  Trend Tracker helps you avoid that temptation too.  Use the lock and walk feature, and lock in small gains every day.  In my opinion, the one who is most consistent will win this contest.  That does not mean hitting home runs every day.  That means, slow but steady wins the race.

I look forward to your questions, your feedback, but most importantly your results.

Good Luck.


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