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Technical analysis: ADBE, MSFT

|Includes: Adobe Systems Incorporated (ADBE), MSFT

Thomas H. Kee Jr. has issued a technical and trading analysis for the companies listed in this report.  These observations are an opinion only and are not a recommendation to buy or sell these securities.  Any decision to invest should only come after detailed consultations with your private advisors and investment consultants.  Investing in stocks involves a high degree of risk, and you can lose money.

The data in these reports is subject to change.  At the time this report was issued, the data was valid.  Real time updates are available to registered members of

ADBE:  According to the recent patterns of ADBE, the stock is poised for a 180 degree reversal in trend.  After flirting with longer term resistance, which was $32.82, ADBE is now poised to test $23.99 soon.  That is longer term support.  This is important, and a key support level for the stock.  If ADBE holds this support level, the stock can stabilize and turn higher.  If it does not, there is substantial downside risk ahead.  Anyone interested in buying ADBE on the dip should wait for a test of $23.99.  Waiting for a test provides an actionable entry level and a viable source for risk control at the same time.  This support level will adjust slightly over time, and interested persons should obtain an update.

MSFT:  Focus on the mid term data for MSFT.  Mid term support exists at $24.68.  Interested investors should only consider the stock if it tests this level.  Otherwise, you will be trading in the middle of a channel, and that is never smart.  If $24.68 holds as support, expect $26.49.  However, if MSFT breaks support, a decline to $22.90 is likely instead.  $24.68 therefore acts as both a viable entry level and a resource for risk control at the same time.  This number is subject to change, and interested persons should obtain an updated report.

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