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Is Net Entertainment Getting Spooky With Dracula Slot?

|Includes: EA, Zynga (ZNGA)

Net Entertainment is one of the top online gaming companies in the industry along with the likes of Zynga (NASDAQ:ZNGA), Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA) and UK's Gamesys Ltd.

Competition in the online gaming space has been intensifying over the last few years, especially following Zynga's launch, and companies are now looking to stay ahead by launching games based on top entertainment characters.

Net Entertainment has come up with one of the spookiest gaming characters after launching Dracula Slot. At the end of April 2015, Net Entertainment announced that it had launched Universal Studios Monsters franchise for its new slot Dracula Slot.

The slot is tailor-made for both mobile and desktop platforms, and was developed with licensing agreement with Universal Partnerships & Licensing.

Anyone who watched the recent movie on the same character by Gary Shore (Dracula Untold) will be able to connect the dots between the movie and NetEnt's latest slot. Dracula transforms into a cluster of bats that land on the reels and then transform again into a random symbol.

This is indeed one of the spookiest gaming slots by NetEnt, especially given the legend associated with the character and will certainly attract a lot of gamers.

Unlike Zynga, NetEnt is one of the most successful online gaming companies in terms of performance, and continues to build its online gaming portfolio with slots like Dracula Slot.

However, while Zynga continues to suffer due to aging franchises and restrictive online gambling legislation in the US, NetEnt seems to have everything falling into place.

Zynga is certainly one of the most popular online gaming brands, especially given its Farmville franchises, which typically launched into the limelight a couple of years ago.

Nonetheless, the company has experienced hard times including the departure and the return of founder Mark Pincus, and the subsequent departure of ex-Microsoft executive Don Mattrick.

A lot of criticism of Zynga has been leveled towards its inability to replace the aging franchises. This has played a key role in depleting revenues and earnings over the last few years and currently, no clear path yet.

On the other hand, NetEnt has been able to come up with slots after slots, albeit some of them such as the Dracula Slot, pretty spooky. However, as they say, "you've got do what you've got to do to survive", and it is clear that NetEnt's has one goal in mind (maximizing shareholder value).


The bottom line is that with competition in the online gambling market increasing every day, companies are faced with a tough task of launching interesting slots to remain ahead of competition.

Some of them have managed to do this well, while others like Zynga continue to struggle.

NetEnt on the other hand, just launched s spooky slot dubbed Dracula Slot last month and seems set to continue coming up with amazing franchises.

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