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Are You Planning To Fail By Ignoring The Web?

|Includes: FB, Alphabet, Inc. Cl C (GOOG), GOOGL, NLSN, SCOR

Over the last two decades, a lot has changed in the business environment. Being online is no longer a preserve of the big players. Today when setting up a business, business plans must cover the online aspect of the operational model, otherwise, you could be deemed to be a joker. It doesn't matter whether you are into the construction industry or the e-commerce marketplace.

Many people now search for products they plan to buy from various online platforms including forums, social media and blogs. This means that unless you do not plan to be found, then putting your business on the web is a requirement. The market is becoming increasingly competitive-and while getting your business online is a low barrier to entry, only a few can enjoy the fruits of being online.

This is because putting your business online has more to it than just creating an ordinary blog to discuss your products with prospective buyers. OWDT is a leading web developer based in Houston, Texas, and over the years, it has been involved in the designing and development of many websites that have helped to launch several businesses online. OWDT says that your industry of operation can determine how your website looks like, as well as, the types of features and tools to use.

For instance, a real estate developer will most likely need a different design, features and tools compared to what a tax consultant would need on their website. A wrong choice of design and tools could significantly affect a business's online sales. As such, while putting your business online could be as simple as getting a free WordPress theme, buying a domain for less than $10, and paying less than $5 in monthly hosting, it could all end up being a waste of time and resources if not done the right way.

Businesses are becoming aggressive in the way they approach their audience and prospective customers online. They are utilizing tools from some of the largest technology companies including Alphabet's (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google AdWords, comScore (NASDAQ:SCOR), Nielsen (NYSE:NLSN), and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) among others.

Some of the tools and features provided by these companies require businesses to optimize their online presence in a certain way. This helps them to capitalize on the business insights available. On the other hand, others such as Nielsen and comScore simply gather information online to provide data that can help businesses in targeting their customers.

If a business's website is not customized to utilize these tools, then the chances are that the opportunities will pass unnoticed as their rivals take the advantage.

The technology sector is one of the most lucrative areas to invest in right now. There are many growth catalysts cropping up from all corners of the sector including 3D printing, mobile gaming market and of course, fintech. These are the areas that have caught the eyes of startups while the attention from large technology companies is also increasing.

Most of the players in this line of business are targeting the online marketplace with payments, gaming and trading, which means that most people will continue to join various online marketplaces. This means that as the time passes, the need to get your business online will increase.

According to various online reputation measurement platforms, the longer your business has been online the better your online reputation is likely to be, with all other things held constant. Therefore, it sounds like the early bird is likely to catch the warm in this case, which means that by ignoring the web, a business is most likely-intentionally or not-plotting to fail.


In summary, the internet is having a massive influence on every business you can think of. And how businesses embrace this change will ultimately determine how successful they are in future. This does not mean that all you need is to get a website for your business and start posting your products online. It must be the right platform to showcase your business in the right way.

It's all about information, getting people to know your business online and later converting them to potential customers. This task is now easier thanks to sophisticated tools developed by the likes of Google, Facebook, comScore and other online platforms that provide insights on online user engagements, behavior and trends.

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