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Insight’s Week_Week 17

|Includes: Blue Square-Israel Ltd ADR (BSI), GIS, KGC, MMM, STT, TSN

 I'd be a bum on the street with a tin cup if the markets were always efficient.


This is a very worrying situation in the market. Look at Dow Jones index. The prices are going up, but AO oscillator goes down (red line). It means that the market speed is decreasing. It’s true. The rate of increasing was 12.57% since 17/11/2010 to 17/02/2011 vs. 0.93% since 17/02/2011 to 21/04/2011. The decreasing of growth rate isn’t a problem. We don’t hurry. The problem must be AO’s down trend. It can show us the correction is forthcoming. Let’s wait and see.