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How Greek Debt Crisis Will Influence Your Portfolio?


The stock markets are in turmoil this week. Greek debt crisis scared investors, but Greek government wins key confidence vote. For the moment, we suppose…
The crisis has not passed. Your main job is to prevent this crisis to become your portfolio’s crisis, your own crisis.
The key point for investors to remember is that they should only invest in a company not in country or region, or even stocks.
It’s a Graham-Buffett point of view. It doesn’t take care about country’s debts. PIIGS debt crisis will end some day and the problem will be resolved without your help. So don’t worry about it.
Does your company can earn money at crisis time? Will Greeks drink Coca-cola when austerity will come into force? Will Greeks take shower and shave beards? We think they will.
So companies in your portfolio will get revenue and, it’s possible, profit as well. What we need!.. So choose right companies.