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The Winning Strategy – Portfolio DDD

|Includes: CVX, DWDP, GE, JNJ, MCD, MDLZ, MRK, PFE, AT&T Inc. (T), VZ
The market today is dominated by much younger people who have not experienced a bear market.

The turmoil in the markets has passed our mind. This means the turmoil has passed our portfolios. There are some reasons for that:
        1. Perfect selection of good strategies.
        2. Active management.
        3. Peace in mind due meditation.
Today Portfolio #12 DDD performs better than the market.
Portfolio #12 DDD – 1.13%
Dow Jones – -5.57%.
S&P 500 – -7.41%.
What about the future in the markets? We don’t know, but have some insights.
Dow Jones index’s weekly price is above SMA200. It was above all this time!!! So DJIA has a strong support. The resistance at 11,739 level is broken. We see the one way only – up to resistance at 12,754 and upwards.