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Investing Ideas_ Week in review 47

It doesn't have to be rock bottom to buy it. It has to be selling for less than you think the value of the business is, and it has to be run by honest and able people. But if you can buy into a business for less than it's worth today, and you're confident of the management, and you buy into a group of businesses like that, you're going to make money.
Turmoil, turmoil, turmoil… Nothing is in our minds but sovereign debt crisis in Europe,USA national deficit and so on, and so on, and so on.
So we have decided do not enter the market until the dust settles and if settles. But we have some stocks in our portfolios. The stocks that make a profit for us.
There some our insights on market:
We still have GLD stocks in our “Short Gold” portfolio. We can see the price chart is in 4th Elliot Wave at this moment. So there are two ways: to take profit and go away or to wait for 5th way and to get your Great Helmet.
On the other hand, Dow Jones Industrial Average index is on a correction path at this moment. So we consider it’s not a good time to put your money in to the market. Anyway you’d like to short. The ‘c’ wave is beginning, so you can try…