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Investing Ideas_09 09 2010 review

|Includes: BYD, EEM, ESRX, EWV, Ford Motor Company (F), GS, HIG, PPDI, QQQ, SAN
When asked what the stock market will do, J.P Morgan (1837-1913) (banker, financier, businessman) replied:"It will fluctuate."
Oh yes, it really will fluctuate. At the present days as well. There are big waves in the market since April 26, 2010. And the stock market has problems to find its direction.
We can safely assume that both economists and analysts “are disturbing” for the market to do so. There are talking about the double dip recession, about slowdown of growth, but nothing clear and specific. The market’s players have not understood what is happening.
Therefore, it is clear that the market is already flat half-year.
It is difficult to earn in such market. You already saw it, reading our newsletters. But there is a big possibility to make a profit, if your capital is managed safely, responsibly and reasonably. Rush is the biggest enemy here.
There is the only thing we can trust and who we must rely on is ourselves. Which one of you this morning, looking at the mirror, smiled and said: "Good morning, darling! Today will be a wonderful day! Today the market is amazing, because it gives me a lot of opportunities!"
It’s very important! Do it every single morning.
Good luck!
Dow Jones daily chart:

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