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Investing Ideas_09 15 2010 review

|Includes: BYD, DTO, Ford Motor Company (F), GS, OWW, PBW, PCL, SAN, UAUA, ULTI

 "Before you invest, investigate."

William Arthur Ward (1921-1994) author, educator.
That’s ok, my fellow investors, support is strong so far. One problem – “so far”. The rising of gold price concerns. That means that investors are tending to choose precious metals instead of stocks.
But there is nothing strange. Stock prices are rising from the end of August. So it’s a time for correction.
It’s coming back! “The Japanese government said it jumped into currency markets for the first time in more than six years Wednesday morning, intervening to try to stem the yen's sharp rise.” This means nothing changed since 2004. Do you remember yourself as a investor in 2004? Do those years were calmer for you? I think no… But you are here. So why do you still worry about stock market?
The most you worry, the most you lose. Only the stock prices are change in the market, nothing else.
So keep tracking markets signs and everything will be fine!
Dow Jones daily chart: