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Investing Ideas_09 29 2010 review

|Includes: A, CPE, EV, MMM, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), SKH, STAR, WHR, XLF
"If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice."
Norman R. Augustine
We always read a lot of reviews, insight, analysis and recommendationseveryday. And we have found one very interesting thing.
Most or almost all the gurus and advisers start talking about the shares only when their prices have risen so that becomes too risky to buy these shares.
We are not arguing whether these stocks are good or bad. We just want to say that we would not buy these stocks currently.
Such things are so frequent so we ask a question ourselves: Why there were notproposals when the up-trend has begun? What analysts were doing at that time? Shares have generated strong profits and the purchase is no longer effective, maybe.
Our Investing Ideas are not suggestions or recommendations to buy or to sell. Our Ideas are based on the fact that we are looking for the start of trend. This is the greatest opportunity to earn more higher profits.
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