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Investing Ideas_09 30 2010 review

|Includes: A, CPE, EV, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), S, SKH, STAR, SU, VTI, XLF

                                                   "Now is always the most difficult time to invest."

To start investing is always a difficult matter. Almost all the novices suffer from various fears and often distrust them self.
We advise to begin to invest boldly. Do not fear anything. Only the brave investors can earn and boost profits.
Well, if you're still a little timid, you can ask someone for advice. For example, ask our advice.
There is a very interesting insight.
A famous bear, who hibernated very profitably through the Crash of 2008, seems about ready to concede that the market’s next move will be up.
Although I whine that Stockmarket Cycles’ method is complex, editor Eliades was very straightforward in his letter published at the beginning of this month:
“Although it is our strong belief that if a turning point of importance is imminent in this time zone, it will almost surely be a market top, the more objective way of judging the turning point without prejudice will only come after Oct. 1. At that point we can look at the highest and lowest prices established from the week ending Aug. 6 through the week ending Oct. 1 and use those extreme prices as a measuring stick. Whichever extreme price is penetrated after Oct. 1 should tell us that the price at the opposite extreme should end up as a major turning point.”
Stockmarket Cycles put its money where its mouth was — for example, one of its two portfolios has been 200% short.
But it wrote last night: “We are starting to see things we should not be seeing if the market is facing an ultimately bearish resolution in terms of its intermediate to longer-term picture. … Because the market has failed to turn down over the past few days, it also appears as if a nominal 10-week upside closing-price projection has been generated to higher levels of some significance. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA 10,835, -22.86, -0.21%) projection calls for a close between 11,113-11,280. The projection for the S&P 500 Index (SPX 1,145, -2.97, -0.26%) calls for a close between 1196.65-1202.46.”
Of its short position, it wrote: “We face a very difficult decision at this point …with positive end-of-month seasonality arriving for at least a few days over the next few days and with higher projections outstanding, it is difficult to justify a continuing inverse position. ... We are going to wait for one more day and decide what we want to do before tomorrow’s close.”
Oh yes, we are optimistic too. But in opposite to Peter Eliades we see what the market is telling us. So we haven’t difficult decision, because there is nothing difficult in investing.
Peter Eliades is trading his own assurances, we are trading stocks.
And there is very interesting question: Did he short since March, 2009?
Dow Jones IA is now in flat. Investors are waiting for the companies reports.
Dow Jones daily chart:

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