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(OTCQB:OXYS) OxySure Systems Update-Insider Buying-CEO Ross-Support

|Includes: OxySure Therapeutics, Inc. (OXYS)

Oxygen from Powder (OTCPK:OXYS)

We informed everyone some time ago of the "Short" positions in (OxySure) (OTCQB:OXYS) and as a result of that, the ensuing dip in the share price. Some have "Panicked" and sold, some are in a hold pattern, some have averaged down. Some "New Buyers" found the dip(s) to be advantageous at various entry levels. We think now is a great time to take advantage of this situation.

Looking at the charts from the past year or so OxySure can "Bounce" up rather rapidly, especially with larger volume days, and "Positive Buying" forcing the "Shorts" to "Cover". Are you pale, and panicky ? "Cost Averaging" ? New to the company and looking for something that could result in 100-200 % "Gain/Profit" ? We believe that there is an opportunity here to reap "Short Term Gain" and also "Hold" for the "Long Play". If the "Investment Community" "Bonds Together" OxySure could be back up to $.60, $.80, over $1.00 in due time.

To show his ongoing confidence CEO Julian Ross purchased shares on the "Open Market" in June 2015, last week, and again yesterday. This is the kind of confidence and leadership in our opinion that "Shareholders", "The Public" and "Investors" like to see and look for. Julian has "Built" this company from the "Ground Up", "Brick by Brick" and in his quest for bigger things and the continued success of the company, has remained diligent bringing on board the most qualified individuals to further grow the company to take it to the next level.

What ever your case may be, OxySure is still as "Fundamentally Sound" a company as ever, realizing continued growth (11 straight quarters) of 216 % over the past 3 years. It looks as though this trend will continue, and we believe the company will not disappoint when the Q2 Financials are released and announced in the near future (mid-August). The company should build upon Q2 and finish out the year strong posting big gains for 2015. In the upcoming year of 2016 growth should be exponential, more than likely bigger than any year thus far.

Here are some of the reasons we believe OxySure will finish 2015 strong, and 2016 will be their biggest "Banner" year in the history of the company:

* Two Capital Raises this year to continue R&D and Growth

* Long Term Debt and Capital Leases Retried

* The addition of 6-8 New Distributor Agreements Domestically & Internationally

* The hiring of Territorial Sales Managers (25-30 by YE 2015)(9 or more thus far) that when "Ramped Up" will equate to a minimum of $15 Million/Yr. in Revenues

* New Partners & Products that will bring their clientele to OxySure and create "Cross Selling", etc.

* The Drone Program that will allow for revenue in two manners:

A) OxySure will be the "Distributor" for some of the Largest Drone manufacturers and be compensated

B) OxySure will have "Their Own" "Custom Drones" with various "Payloads" for specific situations (EMS, Military, Search & Rescue, Humanitarian Aid) Costs will be "Absorbed" by the "Purchaser" (new revenue)

* Champion Sponsor/Back Up Medical Device and care provider for the Special Olympics World Games LA 2015 that creates "World Wide" (165 Countries) exposure which may result in 6-8 New Distribution Agreements and over the ensuing years appromiately $30-$40 million in revenues.

* "Support" of The US Military via new orders, replacement cartridges, and ancillary products flowing in, as well as what is believed to be the "Final Stages" of testing for a new "Battle Ready" product/device that is anticipated to be announced and rolled out by YE 2015. (OXYS Model 615 is the only "Oxygen Product" allowed and used in the "Live Arena" of Battle)

* Potential "Listing" (perhaps as early as 2015) on a National Market" (NYSE or NASDAQ)

There are plenty of reasons to have continued faith and excitement about OxySure Systems, Inc. and I'm sure we inadvertently missed some. The list is too long to commit strictly to memory alone. If you are looking at OxySure, "Dig In". If you are hesitant, take a better look. Do your research, Due Diligence, the Sky is the Limit for this quality company going forward. No it won't happen overnight, but we believe the company is a true "Diamond in the Rough", clearly evolving before your eyes like any listed company does over time.

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