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Pressure BioSciences, Inc. Big 2018 On Tap Opportunity Is Present

|About: Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO)

New & Improved Barocycler 2320Extreme.

3 New Sought After Technologies.

New Markets Worth Billions $$$.

International Expansion (Europe/Asia-China to Play Key Role).

Expanded Sales Force.

$PBIO had a Record Q3-Record 2017 and will Exceede those Figures easily in 2018.

Undervalued/Underfollowed for what they have -  Zacks Research values the company at $10.00 (Target)

New & Improved-Updated Hallmark Product - Barocycler 2320Extreme (Believed to be One of a Kind-PCT or Pressure "Cycling" Technology) "Cycling" the Key)

Barocycler 2320Extreme is placed in over 300 Leading Labs & Universities World Wide

Government Clients - FBI - FDA

3 New Technologies-Each that current clients or others have asked about in the past are now here.

Orders flowing in and currently being shipped.

Larger Markets Worth Billions (Big Pharma Manufacturing-Biological Drugs-Cosmetics-Foods/Beverages-Paints-Research & Development)

International Expansion - Europe/Asia/ China will play a Key Role

Expanded Sales Force

All of these things will lead to a Big 2018 according to the Organic Growth Plan

Are you prepared to take advantage

Long Play with Short Term Gain/Profit Potential-The Opportunity Exists Now

Good Numbers-10Q & K - Continued Good News - Should Move Back Over $4.00-Perhaps Higher

 $PBIO Enters New Larger Markets Worth Billions-BioPharmaceuticals-Quality Control-Consumable Goods - Small cap Solutions, LLC   ...

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