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Oil Prices, Markets, Bubbles and Crashes

Up until recently oil prices and market indices have risen and fallen together.  This may be coming to an end.

Sooner or later investors will realize that higher oil prices are bad not good for the economy.  Up until recently the thinking was that oil price increases were based on increasing demand, indicative of economic revival.  Dollar weakness however, not fundamentals, is driving oil prices (and other commodities) higher.

One could argue that all the 0% money available from the Fed is finding its way into speculative investments looking for a fast buck.  Where would you rather be, earning a quarter of 1% a year in safe treasury bills or hitching a ride on commodities which sometimes seem to go up 2% or more a day?

The bubble is busy expanding right now and can only end in disaster, another crash, rampant inflation or both.  Such is the consequence of 0% interest rates, debt creation and money printing.