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Finally Time To Invest In Shipping?

Shipping has historically been a tough place to invest in; in fact it might be the worst sector to buy and hold. Long term research has shown that shipping is the worst performing sector of the market over extended periods of time. However, that does not mean that money cannot be made in the sector. Investors have to be nimble.

Today, shipping markets are trading at some of the lowest valuations that they have in the past two decades. That includes 2008 and 2009. This contrasts quite starkly with many shipping sectors that are continuing to see multi-year highs on shipping rates. Why is this? Like many areas of the market, fears revolve around a global economic slowdown and trade war fears. Sentiment is extremely poor.

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Buying and holding in shipping is - by any account - a losing proposition. J is one of the best traders that I've seen in identifying when to buy and when to sell in these kinds of securities.

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