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New Hyperloop Transportation System Could Lead To Economic Boom 10 Times Bigger Than .COM

|Includes: MLPL, Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

Recent press hype over a Twitter post from Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) / Space X entrepreneur Elon Musk discusses an upcoming August 12th special announcement.

Musk will be publishing his alpha specifications for a futuristic transportation system called "Hyperloop", an exciting attempt to solve many of the problems of the decades old and stale transportation system.

Our entire transportation network has become a broken system. In the US, inter-city travel typically only takes place through the overcrowded, dangerous freeway system, and the very safe, but overcrowded and increasingly unpleasant air transportation system. Some locations, such as the Northeast, do offer rail options, but these are few and far between.

Many large cities such as New York, Washington DC, and yes, even LA, have public transportation options for intra-city transit. While these increase quality of life, they are extremely expensive to build and maintain.

The Hyperloop, a system of vacuum tubes, claims costs 1/10 of high speed rail, with mind-boggling speeds up to...4,000 miles per hour, making a trip from New York to LA only take 45 minutes.


Think of the ramifications of such a technology if it were adopted in mass use.

The global economy is fast running out of ideas for the next big thing. Mobile was great, but that was just another branch of the extremely disruptive Internet. To really achieve another economic boom, something truly disruptive, that can alter the fabric of the way people live, has to take place. Think along the lines of the Railroad, electricity, or modern medicine. These amazing inventions dramatically altered our ways of living and consequently lead to economic booms.

An idea like this is sure to be a target for naysayers. You really need someone bold with the courage to follow the vision through, win or lose, and that is why Musk is the perfect candidate to bring something like this to fruition.

Our transportation system has been at a critical stage for over 15 years, where it has exceeded its ability to handle itself. This is why now is the perfect time for something truly disruptive to emerge.

Maybe as investors, we'll see some specialist companies producing the network, sort of like the way MLPs operate now (NYSEARCA:MLPL) .

I'm still waiting for the Moller Skycar, Space Elevator, and Cold Fusion. Let's hope this becomes a reality.

Personally, I will warmly welcome our new magnetic vacuum tube overlords.

The Moller Skycar, Source: Wikipedia

The Space Elevator, Source: Gizmodo Australia

Cold Fusion Experiemental Reactor, Source: Exohuman

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