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Android Application Development - Building New Mobile Applications For Cell Phones.

These days, there is an ever increasing demand for more features and functions in mobile phones. Mobile developers are constantly working on meeting user demands by building and designing newer and more powerful mobile applications. Iphone application developers are constantly working towards Iphone development to be able to meet the ever growing demand for Iphones. There are many companies that provide Iphone development at low costs. Android Application Development is the best option for them, since Android is a powerful and an instinctive platform for developing mobile applications.

Using Android, developers can create innovative and powerful mobile applications easily and quickly. Android is an operating system and mobile software platform designed on Linux Kernel. It is open source software that is developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance.

Since it is open source, developers can perform OS level customization at minimal costs.

Android offers different features in order to create inventive and new age mobile applications which include:

· GSM, CDMA, EDGE, Bluetooth, UMTS, Wi-Fi, and EV-DO technologies in order to send and receive data across various mobile networks.

· Wide range of libraries for video, audio, and image files including MPEG4, MP3, AMR, AMR-WB, H.263, H.264, AAC, JPG, PNG, BMP, WAV, GIF and MIDI formats.

· Comprehensive libraries for 2D as well as 3D graphics.

· Features of Video camera, GPS, touch screens, accelerometer, and magnetometer.

· Inter-process communication message passing.

· SQ Lite for data storage

· P2P with Google Talk

Android comprises of a SDK which offers a broad range of tools and libraries for Android Application Development. SDK offers a full set of tools in order to design UI for a particular application and also to develop as well as debug the application code. SDK includes many versions of the Android platform such as Android 1.1 and Android 1.5 that can be used for Android Application Development. The SDK provides a fully compliant Android library as well as a system image for each version.

Android Application Development is Based Upon 4 Basic Components:

Activities: A UI component which corresponds to display screens. When an activity is not working, the operating system kills it in order to save memory space.

Services: The tasks which run in the background. For instance, an MP3 player running in the background while a user is using other applications on the mobile device.

Broadcast Receiver: This is a reaction to an event. For instance, phone ringing.

Content Provider: Shares data with other services and activities.

Mobile application development has opened new ways for an incredible growth in outsourcing Android expertise and services. Companies involved in the business of outsourcing Android services are providing to be cost-effective new age solutions for clients.

Since Android is an open source platform, it allows developers to gain an edge over competitors. Developers are constantly working on various applications and adding sophisticated technical advancements. This makes sure that the Android platform is less vulnerable to breakdowns in additions to being devoid of bugs.

It is quite affordable to invest in Android based systems. Android comes with no licensing charges and a lot of innovative applications are now being made using Android. There is no restriction as far as developing applications for Android is concerned. Depending upon the budget, experienced Android application developers can create innovative applications for your business.


· Skilled developers and the latest technology offer android application development at an affordable cost.

· Android application development companies offer business applications, android game development, multimedia applications, Internet applications, etc.

· Android application development has been on the rise and offers an excellent platform for developing various mobile applications.