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Happy Thanksgiving / An Early Black Friday / A Triple-Bundle Offer

|About: Realty Income Corporation (O), TWX

The triple-bundle TWX trade is already bearing fruits. Only two days gone by and a circa 4% gain has already been recorded.

The triple-bundle WOF trade is also bearing fruits. 13 days since our offer started and thus far we have more than 2 new annual subscribers joining on average every day!

If the current pace continues as is - this may lead to even greater benefits than those who join already booked for themselves.

Frankly, the WOF deal is way more profitable than the TWX deal. Come and see how and why for yourself.

Happy thanksgiving. We certainly try hard to give YOU a wonderful treat for the holiday season. This is our early Black Friday opening.

Our "Tip of the day - chapter 7", from only tow days ago, featured three trades that should have been done together. Anyone who executed this triple-bundled tip is already seeing a really nice gain.

Assuming one bought 1000 shares of TWX this is how it looks like:

Trade Price Current Price Total Gain (Loss)
BUY 1000 shares of TWX @ $87.5 $87.5 $90.01 $2501
Sell 10 TWX 01/18/2019 $87.5 PUT $8.80 $7.73* $1070
Sell 10 TWX 01/18/2019 $105 CALL for  $1.95 $2.58 ($630)

* Middle price between last bid ($7.10) and ask ($8.35)

A total net gain of $2941 on a net cash investment of $76750 (=87500-8800-1950) in two days. Not bad but that's not the point I wish to make here.

What I do wish to say is that triple-bundled deals work - and we actually have another one for you right now!

At the eve of Thanksgiving we are adopting a giving spirit. We are giving you a rare opportunity to treat yourself with our Wheel of FORTUNE bargain triple-bundle deal:

Join before year end as a new annual subscriber and (aside of enjoying the service of course...) get the following three extra benefits:

1. Early bird. Extra days (on top of your annual subscription), free of charge, equivalent to TWICE the number of days that are left from the moment you become a paying annual subscriber till year end.
For example: If you start paying on 11/30 - we would give you 64 (=32 from 11/30/17 till 12/31/17, inclusive) extra days, free of charge, at the end and on top of your annual subscriptions.

2. Old annual fee adjustment. Extra days (on top of your annual subscription), free of charge, equivalent to ratio between the fee net reduction to the new-adjusted annual fee that will in effect as of 1/1/2018.
For example: If the new-adjusted fee is $950, you'll get 19 {=365*(1000-950)/950} additional days as free subscription at the end of your 12-month paid subscription.

3. New-reduced annual fee (as of 1/1/2018). The new annual fee is guaranteed to be lower based on two factors:
i) The number of new annual subscribers from 11/9/2017 till year end. Each new annual subscriber reduces the annual fee by $1 for everyone!
ii) The net debit balance, if there's any, out of our "tip of the day" series that runs almost daily since 9/11/2017. We are committed to a minimum of 25 daily tips till year end and the more we fail - the higher the potential reduction may be.

Principally, this triple-bundle ensures that i) the earlier you join - the more you get, and ii) all for one and one for all.

It's Thanksgiving and there's no better thing to do than to give yourself (a treat) while giving others. As soon as you become an annual subscriber of The Wheel of FORTUNE you are not only benefiting yourself but you actually benefit many-many others.

To learn more please go to the complete version of our current offer.
The offer is limited in time. Terms and conditions apply

Why The Wheel of FORTUNE???

Supply vs. Demand

There are over 150 Marketplace services that are currently available; too many, if you ask me, just like malls and shopping centers in the US...

Stores are getting closed at a pace never seen before and I suspect that many services would start scaling back as well. This is only natural.

The demand for quality products exists. Retail sales (overall) are going up and many people are anxious to buy, especially as the holiday season is upon us.
Similarly, the demand for quality services exists. Marketplace revenues (overall) are going up and many people are looking for professional guidance, especially as the current rally is approaching its ninth anniversary.

Fact is that you, readers/shoppers, have many options to choose from and it's hard, perhaps impossible, to choose the right service/product for you; especially when they all look bright and shiny.

Speaking of the Marketplace services, they all claim to deliver/achieve high returns (so is the S&P500...), they all present fantastic reviews (so is Kim Jong Un...) and they all look bright and shiny (so is president Trump...)

How can one decide what's right for him/her? 

Being Unique vs. Pulling a Trick

Many services mention the following "unique advantages" as part of their pitch: live chat, periodical articles, follow-up on suggestions/trades, early access to ideas, cancel at any time/get your money back (subject to SA policy), direct access to the author, great-supporting reviews, etc.

Let me tell you a little secret: This is neither unique nor an advantage. As far as we concern, those are the minimum thresholds that a service must offer. Frankly, we don't even bother mentioning those as advantages to our service. It goes without saying.
(P.s. Have you seen a service with negative reviews!?...)

What is truly unique about The Wheel of FORTUNE ???

  • Real money talks. It's very different when one writes from the library than talks from a dealing room... We manage money. Real money for real people. We don't sell philosophy or theories. Instead, we express what we see, what we do and what we feel from the inside. We communicate directly from the battlefield.
  • Universal-comprehensive coverage. We touch upon everything and anything that our subscribers wish us to look at.  We don't focus on a certain sector or segment. Our approach is global and comprehensive.
    A service that covers a relatively narrow space would have very little to say if that space is out of love. We cover all asset classes and we take all market aspects into consideration. We surely don't fall in love with too-narrow spaces...
  • Unbiased suggestions. We are neither tied-up nor biased towards any specific segment. We neither make a living nor dependent on a single, narrow, space. A service that covers a relatively narrow space may find it very difficult to say something bad about the hand that feeds it. We are not exposed to such potential conflict of interest.
  • Macro vs. Micro. A stock (micro) can look bright and shiny on a stand-alone basis but if the pool-space (macro) it belongs too stinks - it won't help much. Macro trumps micro.
  • Risk management. We are proud of great returns but we don't sell any. Instead, we sell an approach and emphasize both risk and reward. While nobody can guarantee the reward/return, the risk is usually very real and imminent. We are neither chasing yields nor trying to maximize returns. Instead, we aim at walking our subscribers through both good and bad times while knowing that bad times will come.
    Many talk about "risk management". Very few understand/adhere to it.
  • Hope for the best but always prepare for the worst. Call us cowards, call us too conservative... We believe that it's better to miss on the next  PLUS 5-10% than to participate on the subsequent MINUS 20%-30%. Too may investors assume/hope that tomorrow will look more or less like today... That, of course, until the "more or less" turns into a "nothing"; at that point, it's usually too little and surely too late to make changes.
    We try to stay ahead of the game.
  • Exclusive material. Juggling between the free to paid sections isn't easy. This is exactly why many services are publishing the exact same material in both sections. the only difference is the timing - subscribers get the material first; usually a day or two before it goes to the free section. At The Wheel of FORTUNE more than 90% of the material is exclusive and doesn't get published in the free section. At all. We sell value, not time (gaps).
  • Relative and absolute value. More details about this in the next paragraph...

Relative Value & Absolute Value

Relative value is the attractiveness measured in terms of risk, liquidity, and return of one instrument relative to another, or for a given instrument, of one maturity relative to another.

Relative value is a method of determining an asset's value that takes into account the value of similar assets. In contrast, absolute value looks only at an asset's intrinsic value and does not compare it to other assets. 

An absolute value is a business valuation method that uses discounted cash flow (NYSE:DCF) analysis to determine a company's financial worth. The absolute value method differs from the relative value models that examine what a company is worth compared to its competitors.

At The Wheel of FORTUNE we are combining the two: Looking for trading suggestions with relative value (risk/reward, remember?) that will hand subscribers an absolute value (real added-measured value). In more simple words: We are aiming at finding compelling risk/reward plays (relative value) that would complement your portfolio during most/all times (absolute value).

Here is a good example for absolute versus relative: Realty Income (O).
Last week we published a piece that looked at O from an absolute-macro perspective. Today you can read our newest piece where we look at O from a relative-micro perspective. Btw, both perspectives draw the same conclusion...

At the end of the day, the capital markets (and the service) are about making money. Nonetheless "Making money" has many forms and ways. We aim at making money the right way: More value/money per unit of risk.

Spin The Wheel With Us & Make a Fortune For Yourself

This is it folks.

If you made it thus far we surely hope that you better understand what The Wheel of FORTUNE is all about and how it may assist you making more money. In both absolute (return) and relative (versus risk) terms.

We will publish our first "tip of the day" shorty and we hope that you will follow this experiment all the way through. We gave this a lot of thinking and we try to make this experiment both educational as well as fun.

Most of all, we hope that you'll give our service a shot. A real shot.
This means that you won't only join the service (for free) but also taste it, first hand. Joining the service for two weeks without a real intention to check it out thoroughly is a waste of your time. It won't work. It never works.

If you wish to know whether a service/product is valuable - you have to try it. There's no other way.

We are looking forward to be part of the treats/gifts you are spoiling yourself with ahead of 2018.

Either way, we wish you and your loved ones a fantastic, joyful and successful holiday-trading season. Shop and trade wisely!

Disclosure: I am/we are long TWX.

Additional disclosure: I'm/we're SHORT O