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Paper Made From Stone

Paper making is one the China's four great inventions in ancient times, which has contributed a lot to the world civilization.

At the very beginning, the Chinese inventor Lun Cai made "Caihou Paper" with bark, jute, cotton, fish net, etc. based on former experience. Then when it came to the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Mao Zhang used bamboo to make paper. And since the end of 19th century, machine-made paper industry which takes wood as raw material has developed in high speed. In all, the raw material of paper has always been plant fiber, and the manufacturing process requires lots of water. According to the statistics from related department, at present, to produce a ton of newsprint, a Chinese paper making enterprise needs about 3.1 cubic meter wood which equals to 17 big trees, 100 cubic meter water, and 600 KWH power. In addition, tons of waster water and hundreds of toxic waste gas are emitted during the manufacturing process, including organic chloride which will greatly damage ozone layer as well as cancerogenic dioxin and chloroform.

Paper made from stone takes limestone and calcite whose main constituent is calcium carbonate as its main material. After being crushed, along with polymer material like resin and many other inorganic auxiliary materials, limestone and calcite are to be thoroughly mixed and then molded into paper in high temperature and pressure.

This kind of paper is safe, eco-friendly, nontoxic, waterproof, damp proof, anti greasy dirt, mothproof, tear resistant, abrasion resistant, biodegradable and cheap. Besides all above-mentioned advantages, as its raw material, limestone and calcite are widespread, recyclable and renewable, substituting paper made from stone for traditional paper can save much resource and energy, protect our environment and benefit sustainable economic development.

Paper made from stone can not only be writing paper, but also environmental package material. It is used to manufacture packaging bags, shopping bags, garbage bags, and so on. These products have both social value and market advantage. To our society, these degradable bags can solve the problem of plastic waste in the long term, and also the present problem of disposable fee EU charges for non-degradable plastic package of Chinese imports. Since 65% to 85% of these products is calcium carbonate, every time we use a ton of this eco-friendly material, meanwhile, we save 2.3 ton of limited and non-renewable petroleum resource. As to the market advantages of these bags, by using this kind of product, consumers can take their responsibility of protecting our planet, and most importantly, they will save 15% to 30% cost to use.

Since 2010, paper made from stone has been used in the National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference for three years in succession. There is no doubt that this eco-friendly and economical material will have a huge market.

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