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"SDRL" : Develop The Story

|Includes: Seadrill Limited (SDRL)

let's go directly into it.

Market cap: 6.8 B

Equity: 10.9 B

Price to book: 0.62 - let's admit it's good.

Current assets: 3.4B

Current liabilities: 3.6B

Current ratio: 0.94- I can live with it.

ROE: 40% - It's very hard to determine correct answer for that since Q2204 resuits.

ROA: 16% based on finviz.

Imagine that low earnings as last qurater to repear next 3 quraters, this will give you 11.25 PE. no one gurantee more or less. Forward PE in some sites is 6- but i don't trust estimates, i just want it cheap and sensible.

Drilling units in balance sheet almost 14B, it's much much higher than market cap ant it's the real assets the company has.

Each share you buy these days has 10% cash in it.

The company is profitable for the last 4 years.

Don't fool yourself- the company makes money on annual basis.

Looking forward is tough thing but lets assume that in 12 months, the dividend yield might be nice income to the investor.

These days i like to look at "sdrl" seadrill as a value investing. 2 years without dividend and something huge can be build here.

Ohh, and just to put it again in mind..Oil is not going anywhere.

Thanks for reading.